Simple Nutrients, WasteWatR™

Type Study Cat # Price Quantity
QC 505 How to Buy
584 How to Buy

One 15 mL screw-cap vial yields up to 2 liters after dilution.

Ammonia as N 1-20 mg/L
Nitrate + Nitrite as N 2.5-25 mg/L
Nitrate as N 2-25 mg/L
ortho-Phosphate as P 0.5-5.5 mg/L


EPA 300.0 EPA 350.1 EPA 350.2 EPA 350.3 EPA 352.1 EPA 353.1 EPA 353.2 EPA 353.3 EPA 365.1 EPA 365.2 EPA 365.3 EPA 365.4 EPA 9056 EPA 9210 SM 18/19thED 4500 P-F SM 18/19thED 4500-NO3 D SM 18/19thED 4500-NO3 E SM 18/19thED 4500-NO3 F SM 18/19thED 4500NH3-D SM 18/19thED 4500NH3-G SM 18th ED 4500-NH3 B SM 18th ED 4500-NH3 F SM 18th ED 4500-NH3C SM 18th ED 4500-NH3E SM 18th ED 4500-NO3 H SM 18th ED 4500-P E SM 18th ED 4500-P F