Why 2 days? Because we can.

It’s simple. Whether it’s a college student waiting for an exam score or a patient waiting on a test result, improvements in technology and data processing have allowed results to be returned quickly in many other areas.

So why wouldn’t you expect PT reports faster than 21 days? You should. And now you can.

No really, why 2 days? After exhausting refinements and countless hours of testing and validation, two days provides the same exacting data that you expect from ERA.

Get into the next available study for your PT samples and see for yourself. Working with ERA, you’ll experience the difference.

The Difference is Measurable - The only PT provider with results available in 2 days


Is the 2-day turnaround valid for all proficiency testing studies?

The 2-day report turnaround is valid on all proficiency testing studies for laboratories in the U.S. including water pollution, water supply, air & emissions, soil, radiochemistry, and MRAD. At this time, it is not valid for our international study participants or our clean water and effluent studies. View ERA’s proficiency testing schedule.

Are the deadlines for submitting my PT study data changing?

You can enter your data online up until midnight of the study close. However, if you fax or email your data, you will need to send your data to ERA 2 days prior to the study close.

If you need help entering your data online, download a copy of our eDATA user manual or call and speak with an ERA representative.

How is this different from a QuiK™Response PT evaluation?

QuiK™Response PTs are available anytime during the year; they do not have study open or close dates. This is why QuiKResponse PTs are ideal for situations when you need a PT result in the middle of a study or when you need to demonstrate corrective action. Learn more about our QuiKResponse PTs.