The Discharge Monitoring Report–Quality Assurance (DMR-QA) program is a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated Proficiency Testing program used by states to monitor and control the quality of laboratories.

"Major and selected minor permittees under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program are required to participate in the annual Discharge Monitoring Report–Quality Assurance (DMR-QA) study program. DMR-QA evaluates the analytical ability of the laboratories that routinely perform self-monitoring analyses required by their NPDES permit.

If you are required to participate in DMR-QA, you must report results for the analytes listed in your permit provided that they also are included in the DMR-QA study analyte list. Not all of the analytes listed on your NPDES permit may be included in an individual DMR-QA study. You may voluntarily report additional study analytes that are not listed in your permit."*
*Source: U.S. EPA


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