WasteWatR™ Coliforms

Type Study Cat # Price Quantity
QC 083 $147.00 Spin UpSpin Down
576 $145.00 Spin UpSpin Down

Two lyophilized samples consist of one negative sample and one positive to be quantitated for total, fecal and E. coli coliforms.

Total Coliforms (MF) 20-2400 CFU/100mL
Fecal Coliforms (MF) 20-2400 CFU/100mL
E.coli (MF) 20-2400 CFU/100mL
Total Coliform (MPN-Multiple Well) 20-2400 MPN/100mL
Fecal Coliform (MPN-Multiple Well) 20-2400 MPN/100mL
E.coli (MPN-Multiple Well) 20-2400 MPN/100mL


SM 18/19thED 9221 B SM 18/19thED 9221 E SM 18/19thED 9222 B SM 18th ED 9213 D SM 18th ED 9222 D SM 18th ED 9222 G EC SM 18th ED 9223 SM 18th ED 9223 COLILERT SM 18th ED 9223 COLISURE SM 18th ED 9223 COLert18 SM 18th ED 9223 COLertQT SM 18th ED 9223 COLsurQT SM 18th ED 9223 COLt18QT SM 18th ED 9231 D