By being technical experts in the regulated markets we support, ERA employees are able to assist you in overcoming your everyday challenges. More than just providing the highest quality and largest selection of PT and CRM products, our experts take pride in giving you the information you need to make good decisions.
White Paper:
Importance of Accreditation
One of the ways ERA demonstrates a company-wide commitment to quality is through our comprehensive list of internationally recognized quality designations. ERA gains accreditation or certification when an outside authority that has been qualified to review our processes and procedures evaluates us against an internationally developed series of strict requirements. Download a copy of the White Paper.

White Paper: Determination of Product Shelf Life and Establishment of Expiration Dates
One of the requirements of ISO Guide 34 accredited reference material manufacturers is to perform comprehensive stability studies in order to ensure that the best products possible are available to customers. A stability study looks at many quality factors in an effort to determine how long the product will maintain its integrity once it is out of the controlled conditions of a laboratory. Download a copy of the White Paper.