Phosphate as Phosphorous (P) - 1000 mg/L, 500 mL

Item No. 993


One 500 mL standard containing Phosphate as P at 1000 mg/L in H2O. This CRM is covered by ERA’s ISO Guide 34 accreditation.
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Product Family Environmental
Product Category Calibration
Product Sub Category Inorganics
Item Type CRM
Accreditations ISO 17034
Methods EPA 200.7, EPA 200.8, EPA 300.0, EPA 365.1, EPA 365.2, EPA 365.3, EPA 365.4, EPA 6010, EPA 6010B, EPA 6020, EPA 9056, SM 4500-P E, SM 4500-P F
Storage 20 - 25C (Ambient)
Shelf Life from date of manufacture (months) 24
Minimum Shelf Life on Ship Date (Months) 12
Components per Pkg 1
Container Type 500mL Poly Bottle
Formulation Liquid
Volume 500 mL
Weight 1.23 lbs
Application Environmental
Analyte  Low Conc  High Conc Units
Phosphate as P 1000 1000 mg/L