Environmental Product

Water Pollution

More laboratories around the world participate in ERA's Water Pollution PT studies than any other environmental laboratory PT program. The matrix of the PT and CRMs is deionized water and the concentrations are designed to meet United States EPA and NELAC requirements. For lower concentration standards in synthetic matrices, see ERA's effluent products.

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More labs trust ERA as their DMR-QA partner than any other provider. You can have the most confidence in the accuracy of your DMR-QA results by using the provider with the most experience and the most participants in their studies. ERA is accredited for all of the required DMR-QA analytes and gives you the best customer service and technical support so that you can save time and money by getting what you need the first time and not having to worry about incorrect evaluations. We offer 6 DMR-QA compliant studies for you to choose from. If you have any questions about fulfilling your DMR-QA requirements, please call ERA customer service at 800-372-0122 or email us at info@eraqc.com.

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Water Supply

ERA's Water Supply CRM and PT products meet all USEPA and NELAC requirements. Year after year, thousands of labs trust these standards to meet their QA program and accreditation requirements.

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ERA has specially designed reference materials and PT standards to help you improve and document the quality of all of your microbiology analyses. Our exclusive lyophilized standards are the easiest to use, most stable products available.

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You can realistically assess the performance of all of your metal, common inorganic, physical property and organic analyses in soil by using ERA's Soil and Hazardous Waste reference materials. Blank soil standards are also available to help you develop your methods, determine detection limits and monitor sampling and sample-prep contamination. Our PT Soil and Hazardous Waste PT studies are used by labs around the world and give you an easy, realistic way to meet all of your QA program and accreditation requirements.

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Underground Storage Tank

ERA's Underground Storage Tank reference material and PT products in water and soil matrices help you monitor the quality of these important, yet complicated analyses.

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Air & Emissions

You can now participate in an international proficiency testing program for your air and emissions analyses. Whether you are a mobile or fixed laboratory and test ambient air or emissions, ERA offers a complete line of reference materials and proficiency testing products. With 4 PT studies throughout the year and multiple lots of each reference material available, you now ensure the quality of all of your important analyses.

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Labs from around the world trust ERA's PT studies and reference materials to help them prove and improve the quality of their radiochemistry analyses. Radiochemistry reference materials and proficiency testing are available in water, soil, air and vegetation matrices. Contact our experts today to help find the exact standards to meet your needs.

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Low-Level CRMs

Synthetic drinking and wastewater matrices with low concentrations of analytes for testing water supply, drinking water, ground water, water pollution, or wastewater. Save time diluting your standards or spending numerous hours producing them yourself with our new low-level CRMs! Optimal for method development and validation, system checks, evaluating limits of quantitation, minimum detection limit studies, detection verification, and many other uses.

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Custom Standards

Many site investigations involve analyses for just a few specific targets, not the entire "list" of analytes. Wouldn't your project gain more benefit from custom QC or PT standards prepared only with the analytes of interest at just the right levels in your matrix of concern? With custom standards prepared to match your project-specific needs, you and your client will gain a level of confidence with tangible evidence that your laboratory is meeting all quality objectives. Download our Custom Standard Quotation/Order Form or call our customs group at 1-800-372-0122. You can also email us at customs@eraqc.com.

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ERA is a Guide 34 accredited manufacturer of certified reference materials used for calibration and ongoing quality control. Our comprehensive certificates of analysis are easy to use and provide all of the critical information your laboratory needs to confidently perform your analyses on a daily basis. All calibration CRMs are traceable to NIST SRMs (if available) are stable for at least one year.

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Our selection of analytical reagents are used by laboratories in many industries to perform their most critical analyses. With tight tolerances and a focus on batch-to-batch consistency, many labs have found ERA to be the only option for titrant and reagent needs.

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Environmental Products

ERA is one of the most trusted providers of reference materials and proficiency testing in the world. Since 1977, laboratories have partnered with us to strengthen and simplify their quality assurance programs. With products of impeccable quality, you can confidently make decisions based on ERA standards. Our industry-leading customer service, technical support, and proficiency testing (PT) data tools make it easier for you to find the products you need and solve any problems that you identify.

If you have any trouble finding the perfect standard for your needs, send us an email and let us know.

Life Science Product

Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

Since dedicating a full-time business unit to our Life Science customers, ERA has grown to become the premier manufacturer of TOC reference standards. With ISO Guide 34 and 17025 accreditations, we offer a comprehensive line of calibration, validation, and system suitability standards designed to verify your TOC instrument’s performance. Regardless of manufacturer, ERA has TOC standards designed specifically for the instruments in your facility.

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Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Consumables

Since dedicating a full-time business unit to our Life Science customers, ERA has grown to become the premier manufacturer of TOC reference standards. Along with our CRM support for TOC owners we offer an extensive list of consumable items including reagents and lamps. Regardless of manufacturer, ERA offers extensive support for the operation of your instrument.

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Inorganic Carbon (IC)

A material derived from non-living sources, inorganic carbon (IC) exists in pharmaceutical waters as carbonate, bicarbonate and dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2). Whether your instrument quantifies IC as part of a differential calculation or removes it as part of a “non-purgeable” method of TOC determination, your instruments ability to remove and/or measure IC must be validated. Below are the most commonly requested IC concentrations for calibration and validation of TOC instrumentation.

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ISO Guide 34 accredited since 2008, ERA is a certified reference materials producer - manufacturing conductivity reference standards for more than 30 years. ERA offers solutions and kits that support accurate, verifiable, and approved approaches to validating and verifying your conductivity sensors. Whether you are validating detection limits, determining accuracy and precision, or constructing a low-level linearity curve, ERA has the conductivity products and services to support your efforts.

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Vials & Containers

Just like the USP, we here at ERA demand scrupulously cleaned vials for our Total Organic Carbon (TOC) standards. All of our vials, whether glass or polymer, represent the most consistently clean sample vials available anywhere. They are the perfect vial for your purified water (PW) or water for injection (WFI) sample analysis. In addition to ultra-low level TOC Vials, ERA offers 60 mL HDPE Bottles for Anatel A643 and 30 mL Poly vials for Sievers 400. *Anatel is a registered trademark of the Hach Company. Sievers is a registered trademark of GE Analytical Instruments.

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ISO Guide 34 accredited since 2008, ERA is a certified reference materials (CRM) producer and has been manufacturing reference standards for inorganic carbon, conductivity and turbidity analysis for more than 30 years. ERA is also a supplier of ultra-clean inorganic acids and reagents. Whether your application is ultra-pure water TOC analysis or metals analysis via ICP-MS, ERA has the right calibration material for you.

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Cleaning Validation

Cleaning validation has received increasing attention not only in manufacturing but also in research and development. To ensure that your sampling techniques meet established acceptance criteria, pre-validation feasibility studies and method development must be performed. ERA is your source for coupons, swabs, templates and vials – everything you need for recovery studies to routine verification sampling.

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High Purity Water

ERA offers certified low-TOC water suitable for use with your TOC or LC system. All of our waters are prepared with the highest level of care throughout the Ion-Exchange-Filtration-RO-UV purification process. Our waters must pass a rigorous testing scheme and we guarantee the analysis of each bottle as well as your satisfaction.

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ERA manufactures industrial reagents with tolerances of ± 0.5%, and will hold the certified value lot to lot within 0.5%. Our NIST-traceable reagents are shipped with a Certificate of Analysis and are homogenous at a 95% confidence interval. If you have been looking for a company to manufacture high quality, stable, consistent reagents for your specialized needs, please contact our reagent group today for a quote: customs@eraqc.com or 1-800-554-2511. ERA manufactures many reagents for standard laboratory analysis as well as custom formulations to accommodate customer needs.

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Custom Standards

Calibration standards, stock solutions, matrix spikes; if a reference standard can be made, ERA will be happy to prepare it for you and supply a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis. While the cost of custom standards depends on the complexity of your requirements, the cost for most simple standards is reasonable. The final cost is dependent upon the materials, time, complexity of the standards, and extent of analytical validation required. In every case, you will receive a fixed price quotation based upon your project requirements and you can count on ERA to deliver what you need, when you need it. To discuss your Custom Standards needs, call and speak with an ERA Customer Service Representative at 800-372-0122 or 303-431-8454.

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Life Sciences Products

Since dedicating a full-time business unit to our Life Science customers in 2000, ERA has grown to become the premier manufacturer of certified reference standards for total organic carbon, conductivity, turbidity, and more. With ISO Guide 34 and 17025 accreditations, we offer a comprehensive line of certified reference materials (CRMs), reagents, and vials for life science laboratories.