Discharge Monitoring Report-Quality Assurance

We help NPDES permit holders navigate the requirements of the EPA’s annual DMR-QA study. When you partner with ERA, you gain access to experienced technical and customer service team members who provide expert guidance for every step of the study response process and ensure you have the right samples, at the right time.

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From preparatory resources to product replacement and corrective action support, ERA offers industry leading guidance and tools to move you through the DMR-QA process efficiently.
  • Immediate notification of the EPA’s Section 308 letter when the study is announced
  • Comprehensive explanation of PT process
  • Help understanding and meeting regulatory requirements
  • Free analysis tips and tricks webinars and resources
  • Practice QC samples
  • Corrective action parameters and support
  • Access to ERA’s eDATA PT data management portal for ongoing program management

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As your partner in defensible data, we provide you with tools to effectively manage your PT program, assess risk and evaluate trends over time. To make it even easier, ERA created eDATA™, an online PT data management portal that helps you improve quality longer term.

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DMR-QA 43 reports issued September 1, 2023

DMR-QA 43 Corrective-Action - Now what?

  1. Lab received a “Not Acceptable” result
  2. Determine root cause with CRM before performing retests
  3. Participate in WP Study 343 or 344 for retest
  4. Analyze QuikResponse sample for retest
  5. Submit results to ERA by Oct 27 or by published study closing date, whichever is earlier
  6. Reference our PDF checklist for other critical dates

DMR-QA 43 Corrective Action Study Dates

2023 Compliant Studies

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Check out our frequently asked questions for insights into studies, samples, reporting and more. You can also access the following DMA-QA analysis tips compiled by ERA’s technical experts: