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In order to develop and manufacture safe and effective drugs, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical labs must fully characterize and monitor raw materials, process products, and final products. And as organizations throughout the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries increase their investments in biopharmaceutical development, they turn to ERA, part of the Waters Corporation, for support.

Since 2000, ERA has grown to become a premier manufacturer of certified reference standards for total organic carbon, conductivity, turbidity, and water parameters. And ERA is ISO 17034 and 17025 accredited, therefore giving you confidence to meet your compliance and quality validation requirements. ERA is here to help.

Delivering accurate, traceable reference standards and consumables

We provide the products, services, and technical expertise you need to be confident about your data and the quality of your products.

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World-class drug development process can have a worldwide effect

We are committed to helping organizations analytically, scientifically, and operationally.

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