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Ensuring the safety and quality of food and water

The role of food and water testing laboratories has never been more critical. Safety and quality are major concerns to consumers, governments, and producers. Complicated global supply chains add opportunity for foods to be contaminated even in carefully controlled environments. Laboratory analysis with proficiency testing is a key part to ensuring the safety and quality of this food chain. And regular monitoring of diverse water types across the globe is required by governmental regulation to ensure the safety of the water we drink. As the leading proficiency testing provider, ERA is well positioned to help you verify the accuracy and reliability of your testing for you to produce safe food and clean drinking water.

Improve the quality of your operations

From spice organizations to bottled water suppliers, ERA helps these groups meet compliance requirements, decrease operational costs, increase productivity, and, most importantly, help ensure public safety. Successful performance in an external proficiency testing program is a key indicator of high laboratory quality and is an integral component of laboratory accreditation. Along with proficiency testing products, ERA offers a complete line of certified reference materials to provide you with confidence in your analytical data.

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