Enterococci, WP


Each PT sample is one lyophilized standard, which can be analyzed for enterococci and/or fecal streptococci, MF or MPN in the range 20–1000 CFU/100 mL or MPN/100 mL. CRM also includes one blank sample. Use with EPA Methods 1106.1 and 1600, ASTM Methods D5259-92, D6503-99 and Standard Methods 9230B and 9230C and Enterolert Quantitray.
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Analyte  Low Conc  High Conc Units
Enterococci (MF) 20 1000 CFU/100mL
Enterococci (MPN-Multiple Tube) 20 1000 MPN/100mL
Enterococci (MPN-Multiple Well) 20 1000 MPN/100mL
Fecal Streptococci (MF) 20 1000 CFU/100mL
Fecal Streptococci (MPN-Multiple Tube) 20 1000 MPN/100mL