MA Ground Water Enterococci

Item No. 077


Each PT sample set is composed of 10 lyophilized samples to be analyzed for presence or absence of enterococci. This sample is specifically designed for the State of Massachusetts certification for compliance with the federal Ground Water Rule. Each CRM sample set is composed of two lyophilized samples - one quantitative positive and one blank.
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Product Family Environmental
Product Category Water Pollution
Product Sub Category Microbiology
Item Type QR
Study Type Water Pollution (WP)
Accreditations ISO 17043
Storage 4 +/- 2C (Refrigerator)
Shelf Life from date of manufacture (months) 24
Components per Pkg 20
Container Type 10mL Clear Glass Vial
Volume 100 mL
Weight 3.16 lbs
Application Environmental
Analyte  Low Conc  High Conc Units
Enterococci 0 1 CFU/100mL