Wastewater Coliform Microbe, WP


Each PT sample is one lyophilized quantitative standard for use with all Clean Water Act quantitative methods, including MF and MPN. If determining MPN by SM 9221 or similar Multiple Tube techniques, use 083A, 576A, or 786A. CRM also includes one blank sample. Each standard can be used for total coliform, fecal coliform and E. coli which are present in the range 20–2400 CFU/100 mL or MPN/100 mL.
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Analyte  Low Conc  High Conc Units
E.coli (MF) 20 2400 CFU/100mL
E.coli (MPN-Multiple Well) 20 2400 MPN/100mL
Fecal Coliform (MPN-Multiple Well) 20 2400 MPN/100mL
Fecal Coliforms (MF) 20 2400 CFU/100mL
Total Coliform (MPN-Multiple Well) 20 2400 MPN/100mL
Total Coliforms (MF) 20 2400 CFU/100mL